Glorifying God through worship is one of the essential elements of a Christian life. The United Campus Ministry at Texas State offers a variety of worship experiences to help you best give glory to God’s presence in your life.  

Sunday Night Worship 

Sunday evenings at 7:30pm (Fall and Spring)
in the sancturary of the UCM Building

At Worship Cafe you can expect a comfortable contemporary worship setting where we sing together, pray for each other, and reflect on how God's word is to life in college.


January 21 Jesus Says Come and See
John 1:35-51 (Psalm 66:1-5)
Behold the Lamb of God, Call of disciples, “Come and see.”

January 28 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
John 2:13-25 (Psalm 127:1-2)
Jesus cleanses the temple, signifying the destruction and raising of his body.

February 4 The Woman at the Well
John 4:1-42 (Psalm 42:1-3)
Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at well, speaks of living water and true worship.

February 11 The Man Born Blind
John 9:1-41 (Psalm 27:1-4)
Jesus is the light of the world – brings light to the eyes of a man born blind.

February 14 Ash Wednesday
Joint Worship with Christ Chapel
2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 (Revised Common Lectionary)

February 18  The Good Shepherd
John 10:1-18
Jesus as gate and good shepherd, who lays down his life. (Psalm 23)

February 25  Jesus Raises Lazarus
John 11:1-44, (Psalm 104:27-30)
Raising Lazarus, Jesus as the resurrection and life.

March 4  Jesus Anointed at Bethany
John 12:1-11

March 11 (Spring Break) Prayer and Song Online

March 18  Jesus Washes Feet 
John 13:1-17, (Psalm 51:7-12)
Footwashing as a sign of Jesus’ love and example.

March 25  Peter’s Denial   
John 18:12-27 (Psalm 17:1-7)
Jesus’ trial before Annas, Peter’s denial.

April 1 Resurrection 
John 20:1-18;(Psalm 118:21-29)
Empty tomb, Jesus calls Mary by name.

April 8  Thomas 
John 20:19-31;(Psalm 145:13-21)
Jesus gives Spirit, appears to Thomas.

April 15  Paul’s Conversion 
Acts 9:1-19a;(Matthew 6:24)
Paul and Ananias, each called into Christ’s service (locally and globally).

April 22  Paul and Silas
Acts 16:16-34 (Luke 6:18-19, 22-23)
Paul and Silas in prison at Philippi, jailor and his family are baptized

April 29 Paul’s Sermon at Athens 
Acts 17:16-31(John 1:16-18)
Sermon at Athens: What you worship as unknown, I proclaim to you.

Sunday Morning Worship

We invite all Texas State students to explore Sunday morning worship through our local partner congregations. A list of partner churches can be found here.  If you'd like help figuring out which church to attend, stop by the UCM and just ask. We'd love to help you!

Help with Worship

At the UCM, worship is not just a one-hour performance but an ongoing process led by students who plan worship together to point toward God in our lives. We invite you to get involved with a worship planning team - we need all different gifts and talents! Typically each worship team will pray, plan, practice and lead worship once every three weeks. This is a proven rythmn that keeps worship fresh without overwhelming!  Fill out the interest form and we'll contact you!

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